Child Support

San Diego Child Support Lawyer

California law strictly regulates the determination of child support. The basic idea behind the formula used is simple: the costs of caring for a child are divided between both parents according to their incomes. The non-custodial parent is then generally expected to pay his or her share to the custodial parent. In practice, however, this simple formula often becomes very complex as more and more details about the parents’ finances are factored in.

Legal Struggles

Even after an amount is set for child support, problems can still continue. Unfortunately, some custodial parents face a long legal struggle just to receive the payments to which they are entitled. Additionally, changes such as a move or loss of a job can affect a parent’s ability to make the payments he or she owes. Occasionally parents will even go so far as to commit fraud, either to downplay the amount of money they owe or exaggerate the amount they deserve.

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