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  • Testimonials

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      I was very happy with Mr. Fischer and his team! They helped me in a time of crisis and made sure the outcome was in my favor. Thank you s ...More

      Thomas Zachary
    • photo

      Thank you Mr. Fischer!!! I would and have recommended this Michael Fischer to friends. I had a very difficult divorce/child custody. He a ...More

      Elizabeth Mila
    • photo

      I was dealt with a man for over 2 years who was only concerned with breaking me and reducinghis support payments fo rhis children, Mr. Fi ...More

      David Sebastian
    • photo

      My wife and I started our divorce over two years ago, and I was at a stand still with my wife and my attorney at the time had no plan. I ...More

      Gabriel Dylan
    • photo

      I wanted to take a moment and thank Mike Fischer my divorce attorney for all that he did for me. He made a very difficult time much easie ...More

      Kaylee Victoria
    • photo

      Going through my custody battle was very emotionally trying. I was lucky to have choosen Fischer & Van Thiel to help me protect the m ...More

      Mithila Parker